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This article describes how to request a map from the blueprint feature

Maps is another Waldo feature where customers can upload maps to the Waldo administrator portal. Not only that, customers who have certain licenses can request a map from the map design request via the blueprint feature.

You will need Waldo administrative privileges.

  1. Sign in to the Waldo administrator portal.

  2. From the home page, select Maps.


 3. Select Set image > Request an image from blueprint.

4. From the "Request a map design..." pop-up page, click the Next step button and then click the Upload draft image button to upload the draft file.

We highly recommend uploading the following types of file extensions:
- An Image file (.Jpeg)
- A Pdf file (.pdf)

Once you have finished uploading your draft image, Waldo customer support will contact you via the ticket system. We will ask you a few questions regarding chairs, tables, and the color of the meeting tables. It is helpful if you can provide us with photos.