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For analysis purposes, you can connect to the Waldo database with Excel or PowerBI and make your own reports.

To connect your Excel or your PowerBI to Waldo database, you must have Waldo administrative privileges. You can refer to this documentation:

1 - Option1: Connect with Power BI.

  1. Start Power BI Desktop and click on "Get Data".

  2. Enter "OData" and select "OData Feed"

  3. Click "Connect".

  4. Select "Basic" and enter the following URL:
  5. Select "Organizational account" and click "Sign In"
  6. In the authentication window, select or enter your account. When you are authenticated, click on "Connect".

  7. Select the data you need and click on "Load" to add the data directly to your report or click "Transform" to modify the data.

2 - Option 2: Connect with Excel.

  1. Start Excel.
  2. If needed, activate the Power Pivot for Excel add-in as described here:

  3. Click on data then get data and select From OData Feed.

  4. Select "Basic", enter the following URL:, and click ok.
  5. Select the data you need and click on "Load" to add the data directly to your Excel sheet or click "Transform" to modify the data.

3 - Tables

3.1 - Ressources

The following tables contain all your resources and configuration specified in your Waldo Admin Portal.

OfficeAreasOffice areas attached to Offices
OfficeDesksDesks attached to Office Areas and Office Tags
OfficeTagsOffice Tags
ParkingParking attached to Offices
ParkingSpotsSpots attached to Parking and Parking Tags
ParkingTagsParking Tags
CustomLocationsCustom Locations 

3.2 - Reservations

CustomLocationReservationsUsers' custom locations declarations
OfficeRequestsUsers' desks requests
OfficeReservationsUsers' desks reservations
ParkingRequestsUsers' parking requests
ParkingReservationsUsers' parking reservations

3.3 - Links

These tables are technical tables to link entities

OfficeDesksTagsLinksLinks between Office Desks and Tags
ParkingSpotsTagsLinksLinks between Parking and Tags

3.4 - External data

This table presents data that are not stored in your data center. The OData API is using the token to call Microsoft Graph on behalf of the user and get the user's data.

UsersUsers with attributes about licenses. This table does not contain all the users of your Azure AD, only the users which have already used Waldo at least once.