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List employee attendance for emergency evacuation role call

Should we have an emergency evacuation, could Waldo add the option to list employees in the office that day. Would be great for role call at the evacuation point on a mobile device. 

Option could be to ask Waldo “tell me who is in the building today” and Waldo will display the list of users. Or you could say “Send me the list of users at the office today” and Waldo will send you an email with the list of users.

We have a very flexible working arrangement in regard to attendance in the office and rely on Waldo to see who is in the office on any given day.


Hi Naomi,

I'm happy to inform you that this item is now planned. It should be available by the end of November.

Stay tuned.


Hello Inigo,

Is the feature ready in waldo now?

Hi Pieter, so sorry, but no :(. This feature has been postponed and I didn't update this topic. I don't have any ETA so far unfortunately.

dear all, i concur that this is something we will also need. We are looking forward for a timeline on the availability of such feature. thanks, Thibaut

Good morning,

I have just completed occupational first aid training (OSH) in a company, with other colleagues. It was while searching the waldo support for the term "user role" that I came across this subject.

If the SST identification option is not possible to add to a user, like a tag on a desktop, when will this function be deployed. It seems vital in a flexoffice mode where everyone is not there every day and so, the referents are not the same depending on the day. It is therefore important to be able to identify them quickly.

Please ignore, i just found the user tag FIRST AIDER

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