Latest news regarding the new platform #1

Dear All,

I would like to update you on the current progress of our new platform.

Regrettably, we are running behind schedule, which is a situation we're not pleased with. However, we're beginning to see promising signs and can assure you that progress is being made.

The new platform boasts improved performance, setting a solid foundation for forthcoming features, including calendar messages, half-day reservations, and meeting room functionalities. The user interface will remain unchanged, ensuring a seamless transition for our end-users.

Although the new platform is fully operational, we are unable to switch to it immediately due to technical considerations. The transition requires a period of coexistence between the old and new platforms, with a gradual and secure rollout to ensure system stability.

One particular challenge we are addressing is establishing a Microsoft Teams integration while in this coexistence mode. We are tasked with devising our own proxy or router, enabling new users to utilize the new platform, while existing users continue with the current version.

We anticipate that within a few weeks, we will be ready to launch this improved portal. We deeply appreciate your patience and support as we work towards enhancing our platform and the services it offers.

Enjoy your day

The Waldo team

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