Waldo easier to understand

Hi everyone,

Based on your feedback, we noticed it was sometimes confusing when Waldo makes changes to your Waldo calendar.

As a reminder, Waldo can change your Waldo calendar based on:

  • Your week pattern.
  • When you create an Outlook event which can be considered as time off, a work trip or remote working.
  • When you don't check-in.

Here's what we changed:

  1. Now, Waldo doesn't change your week pattern anymore. When you set your week pattern, it remains as it is, as long as you don't change it.

  2. When Waldo changes your Waldo calendar based on an Outlook event, Waldo will display the Outlook event which triggered the change. See below for what you can now see in your Waldo calendar.

  3. When you do not check-in, Waldo will free up your desk. As above, Waldo will display the reason why he cancelled your reservation.

Let us know if you see other behavior we should change to make Waldo easier to understand.

Enjoy your day

The Waldo team

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