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This article explains how to install the Waldo app on Microsoft Teams via the "in-app" Teams store.

Option 1 - Install the Waldo app via the "in-app" Teams store.

  1. Click on this deep link. You'll be redirected to the Waldo app from the "in-app" Teams store.
    If you don't see the Waldo app, it means Waldo has not been allowed for your organization. In that case, contact your Microsoft Teams administrator.

  2. Click on add and follow the instructions.

  3. Once Waldo installed, you will be redirected to the Calendar tab of the Waldo app.

  4. We recommend that you pin the app by right-clicking on the Waldo app in the left sidebar.

To deploy Waldo to your organization, you can simply email this deep link to your users. Or you can use a Microsoft Teams policy.

Option 2 - Install the Waldo app via the M365 admin center (setup policies).

To install Waldo via the Microsoft Teams Admin Center, refer to this article: