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You can make Waldo available for your entire organization. Once deployed, the Waldo app will be available to all your users, as a new app and/or as a pinned app.

Step 1 - Ensure the Waldo app is allowed

You can refer to this article to ensure the Waldo app is allowed:

Step 2 - Grant consent.

You can refer to this article to grant Consent to the Waldo app:

Step 3  - Create the policy.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Teams admin center: You will need Microsoft 365 administrative privileges.

  2. Click on the Teams app and then click on Setup Policies.

  3. Select the policy Global (Org-wide default) if you'd like to apply the policy the whole organization. Or create a new policy if you'd like to assign this policy to a group of users.
  4. Under Installed apps, click on Add apps.

  5. Search for Waldo then click on add.

    If you don't see the Waldo app, it means Waldo has not been allowed for your organization. In that case, contact your Microsoft Teams administrator to allow the Waldo app for your organization.
    More details in this article:

  6. Under Pinned apps, click on Add apps and repeat the same operation.

  7. Click on Save.

Step 4 - Assign the policy to a group of users.

You can also assign a policy to groups of users, such as a security groups or distribution lists.
More details, please go to Microsoft Website regarding assign policies to users and groups.

1. Click on the Teams app and then click on Setup Policies. Then, select the Group policy assignment tab.

2. Click the [+] add button.

3. From the Assign policy to group form, type the name of the group and add

4. Click on select a policy, select a policy from the list and click on Apply

If the policy is not listed, it means that you need to create a new policy from the setup policies