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This article describes how to manage non-flex users with Waldo. That works with desks and parking spots as well.

For various reasons (confidentiality, specific equipment requirements, etc.), certain users should always get the same desk when they choose to come in to the office.

With Waldo, you can set a desk and a parking spot as "reservable only by" a specific user.

1. Sign in to the Waldo administrator portal.

2. Authenticate with administrator privileges.

3. From the Home page, select Resources > Office desks from the menu.

4. Select the desk.

5. Click add...  next to "Can only be reserved by" and then select the user.

If you don't see the user in the list, that's probably because the user has not been assigned to this area or has not beed assigned with a license.

6. Click Save

7. You can apply the same concept to parking spots. From the Home page, select Resources > Parking spaces from the menu. Select the parking spot and click on "can only be reserved by".