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Safe-reservation is when a user continuously reserves a desk and cancels it at the last minute. Users will do this as a way to ensure they always get their preferred desk, even if they are a low priority user.

This practice is disruptive for two reasons:
  • The office appears as "full" when it's actually not.
  • Priority users are unable to reserve a desk.

This article explains how Waldo prevents this dilemma.

Waldo's golden rule is "when a user gets assigned to a desk or parking spot, he or she keeps it."
(unless he or she changes his/her mind)".

  1. Every user has a work pattern (Tuesdays at home, Thursdays at the IT area, etc.). This pattern is automatically detected by Waldo.

  2. By default, Waldo processes reservations daily at 11:00 am and ten days in advance. Reservations are based on user patterns, priorities, office tags, etc. (see reservation process article).

  3. You should consider that:
    - The upcoming 10 days on your Waldo calendar indicate where you will work (your desk has been reserved).
    - Beyond these 10 days, Waldo's calendar displays where you wish to work (your desk has not yet been reserved).

Thanks to this principle, users can safely change their mind (work from home, work from office). Waldo will always compute reservations 10 days in advance, based on a user's priority and office tags.

We recommend keeping the number of "days in the future" as low as possible. Three days is ideal.

Users can adjust their work pattern manually if they need to in their settings.

With the paid version, you can change the number of "days in the future" in the administration portal, under Desks and Parking then Resources then navigate to your building and click Edit Building.

With the free version, you can not change this value.