Applicable plans:

The free versionThe complete versionOn-demand version

When an area is full Waldo manages reservations differently, depending on the version you use.

1 - With the Free version.

  1. When you use the Free version, the rule is "first come, first served". Priority does not apply.
  2. When an area is full, you cannot select the area manually even if you are a priority user. You must either select another area or work from home.

2 - With the Paid version.

By default, Waldo processes reservations daily at 11:00 am and three days in advance.

Waldo's golden rule is "when a user gets assigned to a desk or parking spot, he or she keeps it."

  1. When an area is full, Waldo places you on a waiting list.
  2. If the reservation has already been processed (three days in advance by default), priority applies to the waiting list only.
    You may get a desk if another user cancels their reservation.
  3. If the reservation has not been processed yet (beyond three days by default), Waldo will reserve a desk for you based on your priority.