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Before setting up tags, priorities, and favorite desks, you must set the number of desks and assign areas to users.

Concepts and useful information

  • Desks can be specified with office tags. Parking spots can be specified with parking tags.

  • A tag is a desk or parking spot characteristic. It could be "double screen" to specify a desk that is equipped with a double screen, or "EV" to specify a parking spot that is equipped with an EV charging station.

  • You can create as many tags as you need.

  • Users are assigned office areas, office tags, and parking tags.

  • Waldo links user tags with available desks and parking spots.

1 - Create office tags

  • Go to the Waldo management portal:

  • Authenticate using your Microsoft 365 account.

  • Under Desk and parking and then Tags, click on "Add desk tag...".

  • Type the label name of the Desk tag.

  • Click Save.

If you want the tag label to appear in another native language, select the available language, press the "Add" button and fill in the language label you use.

When you click on "visible to users", the tag becomes visible to users in their users' settings, as below.

2 - Assign office tags to users

  • Under Users and then Users again, click on the user you want to assign the tag.

  • Specify the tag you want to assign.

If user Bob has the Double Screen tag and if desk B2 has the same tag, then Waldo might reserve desk B2 for Bob, with respect to priority.

The matching criteria should be exact. If Bob has 3 "must have" tags, Waldo will look for a desk with the exact same 3 office tags.

3 - Define favorite desks

Users can define their favorite desks. This can only be done for desks located in a user's allowed areas.

  • Under Users and then Users again, click on the user you want to assign the favorite desks.

  • Then add the favorite desks.

  • Users can also define their favorite desks by themselves in their personal settings.

3 - Define fixed / dedicated desks

You can also assign fixed or a dedicated desk to users. A dedicated or fixed desk is a desk that can only be reserved by a specific user, regardless of whether this user decides to go to the office or not. A dedicated desk cannot be reserved by anyone other than this user.

4 - Set priority levels for users

Optionally, you can set different priority levels for users.

  • Under Users and then Users again, click on the user you want to set the priority for.

  • Specify priorities per area.

  • A priority level can be any number. High-priority users will get first dibs on a desk before low-priority users.

If you'd like to know how Waldo reserves desk and parking spots for users, you can refer to this article.

5 - Set up the office map

You can refer to this article to set up your office map. The office map is available for the "paid" version.