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Sometimes, you may need to change a user's reservation, or to switch a desk reservation to another.

You will need Waldo administrative privileges.

  1. Go to the management portal: 

  2. Authenticate using your Microsoft 365 account.
  3. Click on reservation view on the top right.

  4. From there, you can see users' reservation.
  5. To remove a user's reservation, click on the user and set his new location.

  6. When you select remove user from desk, the user will be placed in the waiting list. Waldo will reserve a desk for this user at the next reservation process.

  7. You can also switch a user's desk with another.

  8. When you  click on an empty slot, you can directly assign a user to a slot.

  9. When you make a change, impacted users will receive the usual notification in their Microsoft Teams (as below for example).