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Waldo's customer support has no access to your data. To provide us a remote access, you will need to create a new user in your Microsoft 365 tenant with very limited access and permissions.

Step 1 - Create a M365 user account with a Teams Exploratory license (free of charge)  

You will need Microsoft 365 administrative privileges.

  1. Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center: You will need Microsoft 365 administrative privileges.

  2. Under Users, click Add a user.
  3. Create a user as below (or name it differently).

  4. Send the password to your Waldo technical contact email.

  5. Select the Microsoft Teams Exploratory License (which is a free license).

  6. Click on next then Finish adding.


Step 2 - Set the account as a Waldo administrator 

  1. Connect to .
    If it's the first time you are connecting to the administration portal, please refer to this documentation:
  2. Authenticate with an administrator account.

  3. Click on Users then Admins & Contacts.

  4. Add the account you just created.