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This article describes the diffences between the free version and the complete version.

The mission of the free version of Waldo is to help you decide where to work at any given time: whether from home or at the office. One thing that helps you decide when to come to the office is knowing where your teammates are.

With the complete version, when you're at the office, Waldo helps you book a desk close to your teammates, in your preferred zone. It works not just for desks but parking as well. Ultimately, Waldo helps companies optimize their space, making the workplace more pleasant, more collaborative for everyone.

Here's how to subscribe to the complete version:

1 - The complete version

The complete version includes map creation and updates. Based on a draft plan that you provide, we can create a beautiful office space design using your own branding and look and feel.

With the complete version, you can see your desk and parking spot number. Waldo will always reserve a desk for you, in advance, based on where your colleagues are and what you need.

You can change your desk via the map.

You can select your favorite desks and tell Waldo if you'd like to get a desk nearby your colleagues.

You can see when you are on the waiting list.

You can manage your Work From Home policies.

You can set office and parking tags (must-have tags, nice-to-have tags) and priorities.

You can activate the "check-in". If you do not check-in, Waldo will free up your desk to make it available for others.

You can reserve a desk for a guest.

You can display the map on a large-size screen (kiosk mode).


Here's how to subscribe to the complete version:

2 - The free version

With the free version, you can view the office and parking occupancy.

You can see where your teammates are.

You can define WFH rules (maximum number of days at work or at the office, per user or per team.

You can synchronize Waldo with Outlook.

You can view basic reports about the area and parking occupancy.