Applicable plans:

The free planThe complete planOn-demand plan

This article describes the diffences between the free version and the complete version.

1 - The free version

With the free version, you can view the office and parking occupancy.

You can see where your teammates are.

You can define WFH rules (maximum number of days at work or at the office, per user or per team.

You can view basic reports about the area and parking occupancy.

2 - The complete version

With the complete version, you can see your desk and parking spot number.

You can change your desk via the map.

You can select your favorite desks.

You can see when you are on the waiting list.

You can manage your Work From Home policies.

You can set office and parking tags (must-have tags, nice-to-have tags) and priorities.

In the coming weeks, you'll get access to the Waldo PowerBi connector and the user check-in.