Applicable plans:

The free planThe complete planOn-demand plan

You can set a maximum number of days at work or at the office, per user or per team.

1 - Create the policy

  1. Go to the management portal:

  2. Authenticate using your Microsoft 365 account.

  3. Under WFH Policies, click on "+ Add presence policy...".

  4.  Set your WFH and/or office presence limits.

  5. Select Deny overage when users may not exceed their WFH limit.

    Select Allow overage when users may exceed the limit. Still, users will be notified through their Waldo calendar.

  6. Set when the presence is recommended or required, at home or at the office.

2 - Assign the policy to users

  1. Under Users and then Users again, select the users you wish to apply the policy to.

  2. Click on Add WFH policy..." then select the policy.

  3. Once configured, here's what you may see: