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This article describes the different roles a user can have with Waldo, which data they can access and how to change the data retention period.

1 - User roles

NameDescriptionWhat they can doPrerequisites
Waldo userUsers who use the Waldo app in Microsoft TeamsDepending on the version they use:
  • Reserve a desk
  • Reserve parking
  • See the area occupancy
  • See where their colleagues are
  • Display the map
Microsoft Teams user
Waldo application installed
Waldo administrator
(Entity owners, Building owners, Area owners, Office owners, Licensing owners).
Users who manage and configure the Waldo application.

More information here.
With full access to the Waldo administration portal at 
  • Manage offices, areas, desks
  • Manage maps
  • Manage licenses
  • Manage users
  • Manage WFH policies
  • Power BI app
Member of the Waldo administrator list

2 - Data access and retention

NameDescriptionWhat they see
Waldo userWith the Waldo app, users can see where their colleagues are:
  • 5 complete weeks forward
  • 4 complete weeks backward
Waldo administratorWith the reservations view in the Waldo management portal, Waldo administrators can see and change users' reservations and locations:
  • 9 weeks backward
  • X days forward
X = "number of days to compute the reservation ahead"
X = 3 by default

Waldo administratorWith the Power BI app, Waldo administrators can get access to all data history as read-only, as far back as when Waldo was first installed.

3 - Change data retention period

You can change the data retention period.

By default, we keep data history as far back as when Waldo was first installed, or you can choose between 3, 6, 12, 24, or 36 months backward.

To change the data retention period, go to the Waldo portal, then click on Global Settings, and finally select Data Retention.

4 - Data deletion

When we detect no changes to your data for 6 months, we automatically delete your data.

As explained in the data and architecture note, we do not store any information related to customers or users (neither email nor names).