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Some users may be tempted to reserve a desk or a parking spot every day even if they don't come to the office. To prevent this behavior, Waldo requires users to check in every day to ensure they're actually at work.

You will need Microsoft 365 administrative privileges.

1 - Activate the check in (Office level).

Check in can be activated at the office level and is disabled by default.

  1. Go to the management portal:

  2. Authenticate using your Microsoft 365 account.

  3. Under Desks and Parking, and then Resources, click on the office you wish to activate the check in.

  4. Click on enable check in, set the check in limit and click on save.

2 - Set the notification time (User level).

Check in is part of the daily notification. You must ensure to activate the daily notification.

  • Open your Waldo app and click on Settings.

  • Ensure to activate the daily notification.

  • You can define when you'd like to receive your notification. It can be the day before or the current day.

Once configured, here's how it looks like in your Waldo calendar:

Here's how it looks like in your notifications: