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By default, areas are numbered. Waldo reserves a desk for you with a specific number.

In unnumbered areas, users have the freedom to sit anywhere.

It's like the difference between a theater ticket with a seat number (your seat is saved for you) or a theater ticket with no seat number (you'd better arrive early or else risk getting a bad seat).

Step 1 - Specify the unnumbered area

  1. Go to the management portal:

  2. Authenticate using your Microsoft 365 account.

  3. Under Resources and then Office areas, click on the area you wish to specify as unnumbered.
  4. Click on unnumbered area then click on save.
  5. When a user selects an unnumbered area in their Waldo app, Waldo will tell them to sit anywhere (if there are desks available).

Step 2 - Draw the area

To draw an area, you can refer to this article: