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Waldo can display your direct reports and teammates at a glance.

When you're a manager, Waldo can automatically display your direct reports, as below:

When you're part of a team, with a common manager, Waldo can display your teammates, as below:

How does Waldo retrieve this information?

This information is retrieved from your Microsoft 365 tenant, thanks to the hierarchy feature.

Waldo does not scan your emails or your Teams chat.

How do I know if I'm using the hierarchy feature?

There are two ways to check this:

  1. Go to then users and then active users.

  2. Select a user and check if the "manager" has been filled in.

  3. If there's no manager assigned to the user, that means you are not using this feature with your Microsoft 365 tenant. In that case, Waldo will not be able to display this feature.

Or you can use the "Who" app. This app, designed by Microsoft, displays the same information as the Waldo app. 

  1. Click on the apps icon at the bottom-left of your Microsoft Teams dashboard and search for Who. 

    Once installed, click on the Who app, then Your Org.

    If you don't see a hierarchy, that means your organization is not using this feature in which case Waldo will not be able to retrieve the information.

If your organization is using the hierarchy feature but you still can't see the "my direct reports" tab.

  1. Make sure you consent to the Waldo app, as detailed in this note:

  2. If you still can't see the "my direct reports" despite the fact that your organization is using the hierarchy feature and the Who app is functioning, that's on us! You should open a ticket with Waldo support and we'll check  to see what's wrong on our end.