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If you'd like, you can reserve a desk for a guest. This guest can be external (e.g. a partner, an outside consultant, a visitor) or a teammate who doesn't have access to your area.

This feature is very useful for teammates who need to access areas only a few times each month or year. You don't have to give them access to the area. Simply ask someone to invite them as a guest.

Guests (externals or teammates) can use the free version of Waldo. However, the one who invites them must have the complete version of Waldo.

1 - Activate the feature

  1. Go to the management portal: 

  2. Authenticate using your Microsoft 365 account.

  3. Under Users, and then Users, select the users who are allowed to invite guests.

  4.  Then click on Set Guest Reservation and then Enable Guest Reservation.

2 - How to invite a guest

  • Open your Waldo app.

  • Click on the + icon near your first name.

  • Enter your guest.

  • Then select the area where you'd like to book a desk for your guest.

  • If he's an internal user (with the same domain name), Waldo will also update your guest's calendar.

    Here's what you will see when you are invited by a teammate.