Applicable plans:

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As a partner in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, you can purchase solutions published by independent software vendors (such as Waldo) and resell them to your customers.

You can find more information at

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Partner Center. Under CSP, select Customers.

    Note: If you can't see the CSP option, it means that your account doesn't have sufficient privileges or that your company is not a CSP.

    More information at

  2. Select the customer you want to purchase the product for from the customer list.

  3. From the customer's Subscriptions page, select Add new.

  4. Select the Marketplace tab. The resulting list contains all eligible marketplace SaaS offers.

  5. Select the products/subscriptions you want to purchase for your customer.

  6. For each product/subscription you want to add, enter the number of licenses and select Add to cart.

  7. When you're finished adding subscriptions, select Review to review your order.

  8. When you're ready to purchase, select Buy.