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As a user, you have the ability to post a message on the Waldo calendar for your colleagues. This feature is particularly useful for making announcements, such as "I'll bring croissants tomorrow for my birthday!".

It can also be used for more serious notifications regarding the office, like "The elevator is under maintenance".

1 - Calendar Messages: what is it?

At Waldo, our mission is to create a more pleasant and collaborative workplace. The Calendar Messages feature aligns perfectly with this objective, which is why it is enabled by default (though not fully enabled, as explained below).

The Calendar Messages feature allows users to post messages to others via the Waldo Calendar, relating to events or updates in the office.

Messages can be personal, viewable only by your immediate colleagues, or more institutional in nature, viewable by the entire organization.

2 - How it works

Once the feature is fully enabled (explained in the following sections), you can post a Calendar Message by clicking on the " + " icon, located just below the date.

This action will open a new window where you can write your Calendar Message.

To delete a message, simply click on the "trash" icon associated with the message.

To respond or react to a Calendar Message, click on the message itself. You'll be redirected to the Teams Group Chat.


Responses and reactions can be viewed directly in the Waldo Calendar.

3 - Allow users to respond and react to Calendar Messages

When you create a Calendar Message, Waldo also has the capability to create an associated Teams Group Chat for the message. This allows users to react to the Calendar Message with emojis or provide responses directly to the message.

By default, Teams Group Chat creation is deactivated. To activate this feature, consent must be provided via the Waldo Management Portal.

To do this:

  1. Go to the management portal: 

  2. Authenticate using your Microsoft 365 account.

  3. Under Global Settings, and then Features activation and consent, click on Allow Teams Group Chat with Calendar Messages.

4 - Defining permissions

By default, users can post messages to:

  • Specific users: you can select these users from a list.

  • Predefined users: You can select your teammates, your team, or your direct reports from the list.

  • To areas: in this case, your messages can be seen by anyone with access to these areas.

You can expand the scope of permissions based on specific user needs. For example, if you are a facility manager, it might be useful to be able to post a message visible to the entire building, such as "the elevator is under maintenance".

To change the default permissions scope:

  • Go to the management portal: 

  • Authenticate using your Microsoft 365 account.

  • Under Users, select the user to whom you'd like to grant permissions.

  • Scroll down to the section Can send calendar messages to.

  • Select Specific areas then select the areas you'd like to authorize.