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Users who leave the company but are still allowed to book tables. This article is entitled How to Delete the Reservation of a user who leaves the company.

You can delete current and future reservations for a specific user from the reservation page. This is especially useful when you have plans to remove users from Azure Active Directory.

1. Log in to the Waldo management portal: and sign in with the admin right.

2. Navigate to the Reservations page, expand the area, and then, Identify the user for whom you want to clear reservations.

3. Select the user and Look for an option or button that is labeled "Clear Reservation...".

4. If prompted, confirm that you want to remove or clear the reservation for the selected user.


Clear reservation will remove the user's today reservation. (No confirmation)

Clear reservation... will remove the user's future reservation and settings. (Confirmation required)

If admins have plans to remove users from Active Directory, we strongly recommend that admins delete their reservations from Waldo first, using the clear reservation... function.This will remove their future reservations from Waldo's calendar view.