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Waldo application has a week pattern feature that helps users organize their desk reservations for a particular week. However, what if you don't want to use it? This article will explain it.

Waldo application boasts a week pattern feature designed to streamline desk reservations for users seeking to organize their workspace for a specific week. However, what if this feature doesn't align with your preferences? Can you opt-out? Unfortunately, the answer is no. But fear not, as there's a workaround to accommodate your needs while leveraging the Waldo application's functionality. 

Users can utilize the flexibility of the Waldo application by setting their week pattern as "remote" for every day. This effectively establishes a default status of working from home unless specified otherwise. Instead of adhering to a predefined week pattern, users have the flexibility to indicate when they'll be present in the office.

With the "remote" week pattern in place, users are prompted to notify Waldo when they're at the office. By actively updating their status, users ensure that their workspace reservations accurately reflect their presence in the office. This approach empowers users to maintain control over their workspace arrangements while leveraging the functionality of the Waldo application.