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if you're looking for an available meeting room right now, Waldo can help.

To do so, you must add your Microsoft meeting rooms to your Waldo portal. Here's how.

1 - Create your Room mailboxes in your Microsoft 365 tenant

Waldo's meeting room feature is based on Microsoft 365 Room Mailboxes. To add a meeting room to your Waldo application, you must first create these rooms in your Microsoft 365 tenant.

To create a Microsoft 365 room, refer to this documentation: 

Microsoft 365 rooms are displayed in your Microsoft 365 admin center at

2 - Add your Microsoft 365 Room mailboxes in your Waldo portal

  1. Go to then navigate to Desks, Rooms and Parking then Resources.

  2. Select the building where you want to add a meeting room and choose Rooms.

  3. Click Add meeting rooms...

  4. Search for the room you want to add and click Add room.

    If you do not see your meeting room, it may not exist in your Microsoft 365 admin portal.

3 - Place the Room on the map

  1. Go to then select Maps.

  2. Choose your map.

  3. Click Meeting rooms.

  4. Click your meeting room and place it on the map.

You can now view which meeting room is available and book a slot immediately via your Waldo app.

When the meeting room is busy, you can book the next available slot.

You can also book meetings via the Kiosk Mode.

When you book a meeting via the kiosk mode, the booking is made on behalf of the authenticated kiosk account.

For instructions on using and configuring Kiosk Mode, refer to the following documentation: