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How to count the number of desk per user with Excel

Here's how you can count the number of desks per user with Excel


Note: You must be a Waldo Organization Administrator (or an area owner, office owner, or license administrator) and be licensed with the complete version of Waldo.
More information here:

1. Start Excel.

2. Activate the Power Pivot for Excel add-in as described here:

3. Click on data then get data and select From OData Feed.

4. Select "Basic", enter this URL:, and click OK.

5. Select multiple items, then OfficeDeskReservations and Users.


6. Select the Data tab, then RelationShips.

7. Click New..., set the relationship as below, and click OK.


8. Right-click on OfficeDeskReservations


9. Select PivotTableReport and Existing worksheet.

10. Define the PivotTable as below (Ensure you selected All) :


11. Set the filter value to FALSE.



12. Here you go!

13. Save your file and refresh data when you need.

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