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I wanted to share with you our latest news regarding our roadmap and our main features. Here's what's coming soon:

From April to May 2023 - Progressive Rollout.

  • App performance: The new Waldo app and Waldo management portal will be rolled out with improved performance compared to the previous version. While there are no new features, the app's overall performance will be significantly better.

  • Hierarchy: You will be able to organize your offices, areas, or desks per entities. Here's a preview of how it will look:

Q2 2023

  • Half-day reservation: You will be able to reserve a desk for either the morning or the afternoon. However, there may be challenges when moving across different time zones. But that's our problem to solve! Here's a preview of how it will look:

  • Office messages: Users will be able to post "office messages," such as "I'll bring the croissants tomorrow." You can apply permissions to limit the scope of the messages. Here's a preview of how it will look:

From the end of Q2 2023 to the end of Q3 20323 (progressive rollout):

  • Meeting organizer: From the tab view of Waldo, the app will suggest the best time to meet your colleagues and the ideal meeting room to host the meeting.

  • Kiosk mode: Waldo will display your meeting room's availability on the map. You will be able to book a room directly from the map.

  • Barco Clickshare compliance: You can display the Waldo map using the Clickshare digital signage feature of your Clickshare.

  • Dynamic rules: You will be able to specify dynamic rules to ease Waldo's administration. For instance, a rule could be: "If Bob belongs to the Finance Azure ID group, then assign the Finance area to Bob."

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Is the half-day reservation already available since it isn't listed as a feature on the website. Will it be available for both free and complete versions or only for the complete version?

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Same question as above.  When will half-day reservations be available or are they already?

Hi Lea, hi everyone, I can enable the feature for you as a preview if you'd like. Please confirm, and I'll do it right away.

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Yes, please do.  Thank you.


You should now see this:

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