What's new with version 2?

Hello All,

New customers are now using the version 2 of Waldo and a couple of existing customers will be migrating to Waldo starting this week.

You're wondering what's new with the version 2? Here are some information:

You can now post "calendar messages" as described here, which is a great way to enhance workplace collaboration.

You can now organize your offices per entities and customize administration delegation.

Previously, it took 20 to 30 seconds to book a desk or a parking spot. Now, it only takes 4 to 6 seconds.

You can now sync Waldo with Outlook and/or Outlook with Waldo as per your preference.

You can now set a week pattern for multiple weeks.

Finally, you can now select a specific parking spot directly from the Waldo calendar (via Teams desktop or Teams mobile):

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Enjoy your day

The Waldo team

Hello Everyone,

One important thing to note is that the powerQuery connector, which allows you to connect PowerBI or Excel to your database and create reports, is not yet available in version 2. However, it will be released in a matter of weeks.


Nice new version. Is there any news about the possibility of booking half-days ?

Hi Dylan,

The half-day reservation feature is coming very soon. We're currently testing it, and we anticipate making it available this summer.


Are there any updates on booking conference rooms or booking an office as a conference room when it is empty?  

Hi Cesar,

Not yet. We'll publish the new roadmap this summer I guess.

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