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Admin role: global reader

The user would see everything in the admin, but not be able to edit anything.

In fact, an unexpected use case and utility has emerged. IT support / User service realized that, thanks to waldo, they could locate people, their places and equipment.

Case in point: a ticket came in for a docking issue, and thanks to Waldo, I was able to tell them where to find the user and that his docking was a Dell.

The user service found it practical, but I don't want to give too many people the right to modify.

Of course, in this case, they can search the users by bot or in the colleague tab and find them, and see their current desk and material. 

But people move from day to day, and they had a more general need :

In this last request, they asked for a global view or an export to count the docking of a certain brand and replace them progressively by another to unify our equipment.

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