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As you (may) know, Waldo interprets the meeting titles in Outlook to automatically make the necessary changes in your Waldo calendar. More info on that here. But sometimes, Waldo may not understand what you mean.

1 - Meeting status

When you set an event in your Outlook agenda, Waldo attempts to understand what it means so that he can automatically make the necessary changes in your Waldo calendar.

Check the following article to learn more about which events are taken into consideration and which ones are not:

2 - When Waldo doesn't understand

Sometimes, Waldo may fail to understand the meaning of the meeting title. No worries...Waldo can learn!

Let's take an example. Here's a meeting that Waldo was not able to understand:

And here is the notification you'll receive whenever Waldo doesn't understand:

Most of the time, Waldo should learn by himself after a couple of days. If this doesn't happen (or if you're in a hurry), you can always contact us by raising a ticket. We'll tell Waldo what your meeting title means. And the next time Waldo sees the same meeting title, he'll be sure to understand.

Note: If you don't receive a notification in your Microsoft Teams, that means Waldo hasn't even checked your Outlook calendar. In that case, refer to this documentation first.

To understand who made your booking (you or Waldo), check out this article: