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Block Booking of desks for a specific date

It would be very useful if we could block off a section of desks so that they are unbookable for a specific date. 

We need to do this when building works are being carried out in an area of the office.

Currently we can only assign the desks as bookable by a single person e.g an administrator (to ensure they are not booked on the day building works are carried out) but it also blocks the desks from being booked for the period leading up to that date.

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Hello Andrea

We released a couple of weeks ago this feature "How to deactivate a desk"

More information here:

Does it answer your feature request?


The feature "how to deactivate a desk" does not allow you to deactivate the desk on a specific date only. 

We would like to be able to deactivate the booking of certain desks only on the date maintenance works are being carried out. We want staff members to be able to use and book these  desks in the days leading up to planned maintenance work. For example, If we deactivate the desks a week before planned maintenance staff will not be able to book these desks until we activate the desks again. If we only deactivate the desks the day before planned maintenance then staff will have already booked some of these desks. 

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Got it! Thanks Andrea, I'll leave this thread opened then. I'll let you know when I've got an ETA.

Have a great day



Has there been any progress in implementing the above "Block booking of desks on a specific date"?


Hi Andrea,

No, unfortunately. We're very busy in rebuilding the "backend" of Waldo, to improve the response time of the app in general. I guess this job should be done by the end of March. Once done, we'll go back to building users features :)

This feature would be of benefit to us also.

We would also like to have it.

Hello, any updates on this? It has been over a year. Thank you

Hello, is there any update on when this is released?

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