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Tag resources with safety / security role


We will be very interested in a way to manage safety / security resources within an area (fire safety resources, first aid, evacuation resources, etc.).
Indeed, we need to make sure that every day, we have the required minimum for resources with those trainings.

At least, we need to:

- be able to "tag" those resources

- have a summary of the number of those resources per category per site

- ideally, be able to define milestones to see whether or not we meet the minimum requirement

I know we discussed this feature a while ago but I did not see anything related to this topic.

Thanks :)

Ok, just found that the feature is available but not activated in our tenant...

Sorry !

We just activated the feature which is great! However the milestones are defined only at the "Site" level, would it be possible to have it at the "Area" level?

In our example, we are working in a tower, and each floor is "independant", meaning the milestones are defined by floor and not by site.

Thanks :)

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Hello Jean-Charles

I just spoke with the team about this request, and unfortunately, it's not straightforward. If we configure the thresholds at the area level, we need to consider dual limits: one at the site level and another at the area level. Alternatively, we would need to deactivate the site-level thresholds when they are activated at the area level.

Additionally, there's a feature in our backlog for creating "roles" (which could be any role, like "receptionist"). I will propose modifying the specifications so that roles can also be managed at the area level. I believe this adjustment would more effectively address your needs.

However, I must inform you that I cannot provide an estimated time of arrival for this feature. You should not anticipate its availability until at least Q2 of 2024.


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