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Deleting the standard week pattern

Hi. It should be possible to delete a standard week pattern. At the moment, once I have set one, it is not possible to delete it again. This should be possible in the case i have changed my working mode and then come to the office irregularely

Per default, there are no entries at all and I have to adjust my week manually every week. For some users, this is the best case since they don't have a recurring pattern. So it would be very helpful to be able to delete this pattern after initially setting it so that it does not show false entries and you get back to the initial status.

Hi Sebastian,

What do you mean by "delete my week pattern"? Do you mean Waldo should display "no data" in the calendar?



Hi Inigo, 

exactly, it should exist an option to reset the week pattern, so that it appears as if you have opened Waldo for the first time (when no week pattern was set at all).



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