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Ready to use Excel file to count the WfH and the WaO

Here's a "ready to use" Excel file to count the number of days at home and at the office, per office, per area or per users.

Before opening the file, ensure you have the "organization administrator" or the "Report administrator" permissions in the Waldo administration portal.

  1. Open the attached file.
  2. Allow the external connections (if needed).
  3. Refresh the data.
  4. Click on "organizational account", then "Sign-in" then "connect".


HI this is great, but the fields show in French, how do i change this to English please?

Hi Mark, I guess it was just a wrong label. Here's an updated version. Is it ok now?


Hi Inigo, thanks, but the  months still show in French, but not to worry, i recreated the report myself from scratch, and got it returning values in English, thanks

Oh, understood. Thanks Mark then :)

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